Pisces Men, you have not done us proud. At.all. Astrological analysis of Harvey Weinstein

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Harvey Weinstein DOB: 3/19/1952, Birth Time Unknown 

Ok….I hope there’s no copyright infringement. But since everyone and their mother’s, dog’s florist did a cover, I think I’m in good shape when I say that when I think of Harvey Weinstein, this song plays in my head…


Performed by Tulane University’s Them A Capella Group from 2010, who I’m sure won’t sue us for copyright infringement because:

1: They stole it themselves.

2: They’ve all probably gone on to their accounting jobs by now.

So let’s preface this reading by saying I just found out today that my mother informed my editor of how to read a chart with no birth time sometime back in high school. That’s just f*cking great, Mom. Cancer’s stick together. Remember that. You’re the odd man out, Scorpio included. But since we’re on the subject of water signs, Pisces Men, you have not done us proud. At.all.

Oh, Lawdy….

Pastor Osteen is now sending out “Gimmie Money Mailers” with pictures splashed all over the envelope of him helping a soaking wet Houston, announcing he’s taking donations to contribute to the ongoing clean up there. However, Houston and Pastor Pisces Osteen is old news. Let’s talk about Pervert Pisces Harvey Weinstein.

His Bubbie is ashamed of him. Ashamed. No more going to High Holidays. His Rabbi is probably at a loss. He is clearly not a mench. Oy vey.

Double checking…

I went through the list of women that have come forward thus far with a Harvey story. Then I went through his chart.

Was I looking for the makings of a sex, crazed power hungry, pervert that thinks he’s entitled to anything he wants and has “Grab them by the p*ssy. They love it,” written 1000 times in succession in Notes on his iPhone? No.

I was looking for a sick, Piscean addict that needed help. Pisces can get addicted to ANYTHING. I’m serious, ANY-THING. It’s fun to get lost into something else. Usually, it’s booze, since Pisces is a water sign ruled by Neptune, God of Water. But you could have a myriad of addictions; pot, blow, huff, thrill-seeking, roleplaying, gaming, kleptomania, food issues, though one would have some Venus/Jupiter aspects to barf that one up, no pun, lying, cheating, and yes, sex.

I went looking for a legit sex addiction that could have been plaguing him for years, and that he needed help, and could possibly return to society and filmmaking a changed man, as he ha truly apologetic to his victims.

But….not so much. Instead, I found a sex-crazed, power-hungry pervert that thinks he’s entitled to anything he wants.

His two former wives beg to differ, as I’m sure his five children that he can never look directly in the face, do as well.

The very foundation of the fish IS addiction. Let’s throw in a Capricorn moon, if my Mother’s trick works. Now we have someone addicted to power. We reintroduce Mars’ energy into the sign of sex, Scorpio, which is squaring Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, in mighty and entitled Leo. And you have the makings of The Bed Intruder.

Hide yo’ actresses’ cause he’s whackin’ it everywhere up here. 

In other news, Mercury and Saturn are opposed. Authoritarian. How sexy. Ironically, Jupiter is opposed Neptune, both rulers of Pisces. The battle for one’s self begins. The fish, connected by a tail, swim in opposite directions, as we know. One upstream to Einstein/Steve Jobs glory, one downstream to the Osteen/Harvey’s dregs of society.

Notice how I left out Justin Beiber. That’s because his only problem is that due to his once wild ways he can’t find a house where the neighbors won’t run him out of the complex and he’s forced to live in a $4000 a night hotel. At least he gets a free breakfast for that kind of money.

But that’s not the fun part. 

The fun is that this is a very karmic chart. If you believe in reincarnation, or Heaven and Hell, or whatever, this was this dude’s last chance at not sucking his own d*ck in the afterlife. Because one of his punishments may be that there will be no one else to suck it for him. There may be no lotion either. No fluffy white, Ritz Carlton robes to flash 18 year old girls in. God forbid a Capricorn moon was not properly dressed all classy like for his starring role as the Sexual Harassing Couch Casting Producer or whatever it was that he DID…cause he ain’t got no job now.

Yeah, it’s Producer. I just checked Wiki. I also discovered that he is STILL MARRIED. Separated, but married nonetheless.  $10 says the pitiful Pisces in him asks his “wife” to take him back. He has nowhere else to go. As Liam Sullivan so bluntly puts it in his GENIUS song “Text Message Break Up,”You’re never going to get laid in this town again, you loser.” So it’s beg to the wife or try New York where this sort of thing may happen on the regular. But the talent packs heat instead of soy lattes, and those East Coast young gals aren’t afraid to use it.

So Karmic, yes.

His Sun is at the end of Pisces (29 degrees Pisces), which means the end of the incarnation cycle. North Node, the symbol of the lessons we are supposed to learn in this life is at the start of Pisces. Both Boss Lady and I think that he won’t get another life to have a do-over from this catastrophe. This WAS the do-over. Capricorn and Leo made him drunk with power in general. Scorpio used sex as a weapon. Combine that with a skewed version of self-importance from Chiron, a Karmic stone, also in Capricorn, to entitle him to a lifetime of getting what he wants, and Saturn opposing Mercury making work for it, but having the smarts to actually do it. Harvey is good at his job. He may even be a likable guy at times. But when both Cortney Love and Seth MacFarlane call you out on camera….CORTNEY LOVE CALLED HIM OUT ON CAMERA…Seth MacFarlane, no surprise there. Cortney knows the depths of addictions of Pisces because she was married to one. Sadly, her Pisces could find only one way out to deal with his demons.

I asked Boss Lady if Harvey may travel that same way, and if you’re a rugrat and don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s suicide. A double whammy of bad Karma. But he needs to be in control at all times, and he’s lost everything, never to return again. A trip to a day spa in Arizona to talking about his feelings and Daddy issues for three weeks won’t help him. It took me two years in a “day spa” to get my sh*t together, and that didn’t really even begin to solidify until my 40’s. I, me and my Pisces self, couldn’t escape my own addictions. I still struggle. But I manage to keep my pants on while I rise to my feet.

In conclusion, what will Help Harvey Weinstein? 

He has nothing. No one. Just his money, a friend that won’t betray him unless he turns to gambling or shopping to fill the void of where people and power once were. His creative Neptunian mind will have to troll rp.me and pick a character he can relate to. Though Marvel or DC don’t have rapists as heroes or villains, so he’ll have to make up his own muse if he wants to write with people. That’s about as close to movies and scripts as he’s going to get from now on ever after in this life.

There’s God. God will forgive him, begrudgingly I would think. He’ll probably have to accept Jesus into his life first. But that’s just me being pissy at Joel Osteen…still.

And his afterlife? 

Maybe….just maybe, one more shot. I only say that due to Mars in Scorpio. But he’s coming back as a woman, one that I wouldn’t want to be. He’ll probably get a taste of his own medicine, again, and again, and again. That’s Chiron will do to you if you don’t get it and f*ck it up so badly you’re shunned like an “Amish woman in a laundromat.” (Credit to my Scorpio friend, Art, who is in the process of doing that someone even as I type this.)

So good luck, Harvey. I wouldn’t give a squirt of piss to be in your shoes for five minutes. You paid no attention to your Node. You could have been epic, awarded until you died a natural death, creating classics until you wore diapers at age 88. But you picked swimming downstream to everything wrong in your chart instead.

30 pills in an Ambien bottle, Harvey. 

Careful now. That’s never the answer. Seriously. (No, seriously.) Call a hotline. Get a fancy shrink. Get help. It’ll take you the rest of your life to recover from this, and you may never will. But own up to what you did, write a memoir, do a talk show, repent. But don’t do that. Water signs are more prone to that solution more than any other. Just say no. NO NO NO. Help. Get some. Do not pass go. Get help.

And if you do get a next life, remember this one, because it will not forget you.

OH, off the subject, I can’t leave you without this, since I quoted it. Liam Sullivan as Kelly in Text Message Break Up.

A classic you’ll want to pirate for your iTunes collection: https://youtu.be/KTKI9OUGVGU


Miss Tori )-(

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